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Biochemistry is the old model. Applied Quantum Biology is the new model. The practical application of this emerging science is the future of health.


Are you practicing health care from an understanding of light, water, magnetism, and mitochondria?

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We are the only professional association for health and wellness practitioners who study and work with the emerging paradigm of applied Quantum Biology, circadian rhythms and mitochondrial health.

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  • A vibrant member network, message board & chat function to find and connect with other like-minded practitioners

  • Regular LIVE zoom meet-ups that cover all areas of quantum biology with research deep dives, presentations and interviews

  • Invitations to LIVE podcast recording sessions

  • LIVE "Quantum Biology Basics" Q&A Sessions with our faculty & guests

  • Coaching workshops to support your practice on topics like social media, marketing and new business models


Participating in a caring community of peers and colleagues also:

  • Increases peace of mind

  • Improves learning and growth

  • Brings opportunities for referrals and new partnerships 

  • Sparks ideas 

  • Brings balance to the multiple demands of being a business owner & care provider

  • Makes being on front lines of change a little less lonely!


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QBC Advisors, Contributors & Members Include

Dr. Catherine Clinton, ND


QBC Founding Member


Dr Leland Stillman, MD

Functional Medicine

QBC Founding Member


Carrie Bennett, MS ACN

Quantum Clinician & Educator

QBC Founding Member


Dr Francisco Gutierrez, MD

Physician, Internal Medicine

Meredith Oke, PCC

Executive Coach & Founder, QBC


Dr. Michael Twyman, MD


Founding QBC Member


Jim Laird

Strength And Conditioning/ Wellness Coach

QBC Founding Member


Nathan Walz

Quantum Health Coach

QBC Founding Member


Heathar Shepard

Nutritionist, Homeopath, Quantum Health Educator

QBC Founding Member


Dr Candice Knight, MD

Physician, Functional Medicine

QBC Founding Member

Sarah Kleiner

Quantum Health Coach

QBC Founding Member


Charlotte Hiller

Integrative Nutrition Coach

Katie Hussong, RN

MS Intrinsic Health Coach


Cory Payne

Strength and Wellness Coach

Matt Mancz

Athlete, Quantum Health Coach


Laura Kissman 

Quantum Holistic Nutritionist


Jacki Jolie 

Animal Healing


Heather Crimson, LMFT, MS

Psychologist and Quantum Health Coach


Sara Pugh

Molecular Mechanisms PhD


Dr. Kelli Ritter, LPC FNTP

Nutrition, Quantum Health Educator


Kelly Bento 

Quantum Health Practitioner


Angela Jensen BSc

Eczema Specialist


Dr. Lauren Dodds

Chiropractic, Holistic Health


Nikko Kennedy B.S.

Doula, Circadian Optimized Pregnancy & Postpartum


Stephen Hussey

Chiropractor, Author, Speaker


Nic Tan

Holistic Health Coach


Katelyn Simmons

EmotionCode / BodyCode / Homeopath


John Warner

Circadian Biology Coach


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