Get Circadian Certified

We are excited to offer a pioneering 6-week course which will give you the world's first Quantum Circadian Certification. 

What It Is: A fast but rigorous overview of the basics of circadian and quantum biology. Completion of this certification will enable you to confidently apply the principles of how light affects human biology to your health practice.

Who It’s For: Doctors, naturopaths, health coaches and practitioners, fitness coaches, mental health professionals and serious health enthusiasts

Why Take It: Both current and historical research proves beyond a doubt that a biologically optimized LIGHT environment is as fundamental to human health as good quality air, water and food.

The science of circadian and quantum biology has emerged faster than institutional curriculums can keep up with, so health practitioners must take it upon themselves to adapt to this paradigm shift.

Put simply, human beings cannot attain or keep optimal health if they do not optimize their light environment.

If your practice does not include the principles of how light affects health, it is missing a foundational element. Adding light optimization will elevate all other elements of your approach, and improve client/patient results.

To apply for the certification please click this link to fill out a brief questionnaire and book a 15-minute clarity call. 

It's time to get Circadian Certified